Thursday, 19 June 2014

Catwalk VS Highstreet: Jonathan Saunders VS Rare London |



Neon brights and bold patterns inspired by Miami's Art Deco District

2-Piece from Jonathan Saunders' Resort 2014 Collection
(image by Jonathan Saunders)

(Image by Jonathan Saunders)

What is more satisfying than finding an almost identical piece on the Highstreet to what you've seen on the catwalk; I mean why pay ££££ when you can pay ££?

This week I pulled together my latest find by Rare London, a depiction of Jonathan Saunders' Resort 2014 collection, inspired by the effervescent scene of Miami's Art Deco District. When setting out on my quest to acquire this season's craze; the 2-Piece, I knew I wanted something flattering and fitting, only baring a slight midriff, with a skirt as opposed to shorts. The key to dressing to your figure is by creating illusions for the wandering eye. In this case, the matching hemlines camouflage a short skirt and create a flattering fit, with a small midriff occurring just above the waist (the smallest part of your upper torso). For under £50 I got a complete set

With neon colours sweeping the highstreet right now it looks like bold prints and neon brights are all the rage this season. Looking for a 2-piece? Check out Zara for some liquorice allsort inspired prints as well as Hawaiian floral sweeps (mainly short sets).

For the skinnier/petite frame, I would recommend Topshop which has its floors covered with its fair share of floral bralets and mini crops. Topshop is definitely top of the crop this season!

Looking to accentuate your assets this season? Then Topshop and Zara both have in the high waisted pencil skirt; whilst the fuller, longer skirt is available for those of you with never ending legs (I WISH!).

Check out Rare London's latest collection here or check out Topshop's Oxford Circus Flagship Store (LG Floor) for the Rare London Concession buys!

What I wore:
Top - Rare London £24.99
Skirt - Rare London £24.99
Boyfriend Blazer - Zara £79
LENKA Platform Sandals - Topshop £45
Necklace - Topshop £10
Handbag - Gucci Soho Disco Bag £570

Bea {x}

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ombré Ombré Ombré |



Having your hair done is the ultimate pick me up and I love reinventing my look; I mean isn't that what your twenties are for? Whilst I am known for my fiery red hair, I have (temporarily) opted for Ombré locks which undoubtedly (thank god) was a successful endeavour. My hairdresser Ben is beyond great, not only because he feeds me champagne like water and makes me laugh profusely, but because he actually listens to what I want and I ALWAYS walk out of the salon smiling as opposed to calling my BFF to be like 'oh...great...I look like a poodle' or the classic 'I look EXACTLY the same'. More often that not I have been told not to do something by a hairdresser because apparently girls all over the world are spending hundreds of pounds to get my hair colour and it is beautiful. OK that is lovely and I adore my red hair, but now and then I like to (temporarily) change it, SO PLEASE LET ME.

This season I dared to try the Ombré effect, however, Ben only applied a temp colour on the roots because otherwise the re-growth would have been putrid. Can you imagine the ginger roots with a VV dark brown middle section which then gradients into bleach blonde? I might as well be a tiger or a bizarre sandwich filler... trending? I don't think so?

Overall, I absolutely love it, and had my eyebrows tinted darker to match!

The House of RUSH (Piccadilly)
200 Piccadilly

Bea {x}