Hey Dolls,
Welcome to The Sartorial Doll, my name is Bea Rose Caplan and this is what I'd class as my 'style diary'. I am 21 years young and live somewhere in the Surrey Hills. I am a complete self-confessed shopaholic and love everything from highstreet heroes, to designer delicacies. I am forever putting new looks together, something new, something old and often something borrowed and thought I would share my fashion musings, general ramblings and adventures with like-minded darling dolls from around the world.

- I am slightly, if not worryingly obsessed with shirts and collars, my Stepmother often asks if I can breathe as I love a good Collar, the bigger the better!

- Trousers intimidate me, I love skirts and dresses and have an endless collection of tights.

- I am a slight clothes hoarder, I am forever convincing myself, that 'I will one day fit back into that skirt' or that 'I will wear that one day' and you know what I do!

- I suffer from severe WANDERLUST...

- I am a complete day-dreamer and whilst many may criticise me for my tenacity to pursue the ideas that I create whilst my head is in the clouds; I am a strong believer that anything is possible if you work hard enough and never let anyone tell you otherwise! Yes, I still believe in fairytales...and I like them best of all.

- I love laughing, a lot.

(...oh and a little if not slightly mad...but all the best people are)

Bea {x}
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