Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sparkle & Shine into 2016 with my Party Wishlist |

Champagne Season: Cocktails in Wonderland

Click here to view the full FarFetch Champagne Season Collection! 

"I will forever feel pretty in pink" - The Sartorial Doll

"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour" - Unknown

Champagne showers! With New Year's eve fast approaching and the urgent need to find my show-stopping look, I am still in brainstorm mode. WHAT TO WEAR? Obviously I am still dressless 10 days before the big countdown. So, I find myself back at the drawing board... Right now I am getting my inspiration from the Champagne Season Collection on Blush and blossom pinks paired with none other than the chicest colour of them all, black, makes for a more than enchanting look. Every year at the rise of the spring/summer collections, I find myself obsessing over blush pinks. So it is wonderful to see them so prominent in the AW party trends. TOTAL LOVE! Farfetch have put together they're top party trends full of angelic, feminine dresses, paired with moody undertones. Drift into the night in clouds of organza and get ready to rumble in ruffles as light as air...

During the winter season, black is in my opinion, the chicest of them all, and well, paired with pretty pinks? That is sugar, spice and all things nice! The party season also calls for sparkle, whether that be in the form of dazzling jewellery, sequins or diamonds, you decide, just make sure that this year, you sparkle and shine into 2016! 

Check out my party season wishlist:

Diesel Black Gold Black Biker Jacker  £778
Red Valentino Strapless Frills Tulle Dress 
Jimmy Choo 'Lilyth' Sandals 

Saint Laurent 'Lily Ruffled Dress' £4,650

Saint Laurent 'Monogram' Satchel £885
Melissa Joy Manning Stud Earrings 
Ledotto Embellished Ring 

Alberta Ferretti Cropped Embellished Top £2,037
Red Valentino Tulle Mini Skirt 
Saint Laurent Baby 'Monogram' Satchel 
Saint Laurent 'Jane' Sandals 

Have a wonderful New Year Dolls!

Bea {x}

Saturday, 19 December 2015


Hey Dolls,

If you are a fiend for designer fashion like me, you will love FarFetch. Many of you won't be strangers to the global unique shopping experience, and if you are a lover of FarFetch like me then I urge you to download the new and improved 'FarFetch Discover' app free from the app store. If you haven't had a chance to check out FarFetch yet, then you can check it out here.

Far fetch is a portal where fashion lovers, both men and women, can shop the best designer looks from boutiques all over the world. FarFetch is my favourite online fashion site for discovering the most stylish and desirable clothes and accessories. Inspired by currents trends and offering the best ready-to-wear looks season after season.

With the FarFetch Discover app you can navigate freely and at ease through the mobile site on the go; whether you are commuting to work on that dreaded journey, sipping an iced coffee at your favourite coffee shop, or chilling on the sofa in the comfort of your own home. FarFetch are currently showcasing their best picks for finding your New Year's Eve outfit to help you sparkle and shine into 2016. There are often discounted prices and if your looking for a bargain buy, check out the sale section, because unlike other fashion sites, they don't just offer discounts on the least favourable pieces, you can grab something spectacular at a lower price. So if like me, you mostly find yourself dreaming and window-browsing, you might just find yourself a dream item!

I have had an absolute hoot browsing through FarFetch Discover today, and thought I would share with you my favourite #farfetchfinds. Sometimes, that designer item could feel too far from reality due to the fact some items are definite bank breakers, but there is something for everyone, whether you've been lusting over Saint Laurent's latest monochrome satchel, craving a bit of Commes des Garcons, revelling in one of Rick Owen's biker jackets, or searching for the newest, hottest trends, it's all there to play with at the touch of your fingertips.

With that in mind, I am SO excited to introduce to you my my darling dolls my £400 FarFetch giveaway in collaboration with I am so excited to be working with FarFetch and now you can all be in with the chance of winning a £400 voucher to spend on We want to see your favourite #farfetchfinds from the new 'FarFetch Discover' app. Been dribbling over those Saint Laurent trainers, well you might just get em!  

To enter, click the RAFFLECOPTER button below, the competition ends Midday Monday 21st October so HURRY!


Please click the link below to enter.....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. I have put together my favourite look, so here are my #farfetchfinds 

So, I have been wanting this bag for a while. This is my favourite version of the YSL Monochrome Satchel Bag this season, mainly for the tassel's and serpent detailing on the YSL. I like the back-to-school slash festival style it holds. These Saint Laurent oversized glasses are classic, like my look.

If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with the shirt and skirt combo. It's TOO CUTE! I opted for this Carven shirt because of its scalloped collar, it is cute and girly, sartorial but feminine. As for this Saint Laurent Pussy Bow, this is at the top of my wishlist and I am going to have to treat myself, and all my shirts... THEY NEED YOU! These two items are Sartorial and part of my signature look. The Sartorial Doll.
There is so much going on up top, so I would remain classic and keep
the colour and texture of fabric the same on my bottom half... LOVE these
Stuart Weitzman boots. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Seeing as it is winter, I would pair together both the leather biker jacket
AND the Shearling Gilet, for a dramatic yet girly look...
plus it's added warmth BRRRRRR...!


Bea {x}

Thursday, 26 November 2015


It has been almost 2 months since I packed my bags and left the bitter cold in London for my adventure and new start in Sunny Israel, and I couldn't be happier. We are almost in December and yet I find myself strolling by the sea in 25 degree heat with a girl who in no time has become like a sister. Life is bliss. However, leaving your home at the tender age of 22 without any of your family and friends wasn't always going to be easy, it is inevitable to encounter a few hiccups along the way. This week I have felt homesick, and at times sad. Not because I want to go home, but because sometimes when things go wrong or when you are alone for too long you yearn for the warm embrace of those you love most and that is understandable. On Tuesday, I found myself in floods of tears after already feeling super-sensitive and a domino-effect of things going wrong. I genuinely lay in my bed reading the beautiful cards and letters given to me by my best friends, cuddling my teddy bear and sobbing, all I wanted to do was see them! How old am I? No but seriously, I still cuddle my teddy-bear at night, I am not prepared to stop now and I am not ashamed to say it.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!!!

The thing is, this is all part of growing up, I have many international friends from near and far, we all travel and move on to new and exciting stages in our lives, but we all remain close and whilst it may be a while till we next see each other, our friendship will never change. I am surrounded constantly by interesting, intelligent, driven and inspiring friends who are forever breaking new boundaries, like me. Here in Israel I am so lucky to live with a group of girls who, already are like family, and when one of us is down, the other will pull you straight back up, that's what friends are for right?

"All the best people are slightly mad"
Street Art in Tel Aviv Port outside as part of a fashion boutique

Today Sally, my roomie from New Jersey is the one feeling homesick, I mean it is thanksgiving and when you are so used to spending Thanksgiving every year with your family, it's tradition and being here breaks tradition. The holiday days can sure prove to be the hardest. Whilst I am a born and bred Brit and regretfully have never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life, we decided to take the day off school...NAUGHTY, get up early, put on our sweats and take a stroll into town. We strolled along the seaside from Ramat Aviv down to the port of Tel Aviv, stopping for squats, lunges and some obligatory yoga poses, given that the backdrop was TOO ADORABLE. Sally as you can see is far more advanced than me, 6 or 7 yoga classes and being a dancer for 16 years meant that my dancer hands crept in rather that the straight fingered pose aimed to allow all energy to flow through the body. Namaste Dolls.

Throwback to when I was a cheerleader LOL

My ATTEMPT...not quite there yet :P

The gorgeous Sally and I walked for 3-4 hours, stopping for coffee and to browse the colourful Israeli market full of local produce and inspiration for my next recipe creation. I honestly wake up pinching myself, I wake up every morning and no day is ever the same, I feel inspired by everything and everyone around me, it's powerful. I feel so blessed to be able to spend my days so beautifully like today, it really was a wonderful day and I haven't even gone out dancing yet, the best is yet to come...


Bea  {x}

DINE WITH BEA: Orange, Pear, Walnut & Gorgonzola Salad with Fig Vinagarette |

Make yourself a healthy and SUPER FLAVOURFUL lunch in no more than 8 minutes, come on Dolls...CHOP CHOP!

INGREDIENTS (couldn't do it without 'em):

~ Handful of Lettuce (I used soft lettuce leaves as opposed to the crunchy Romanian lettuce)
~ 1 Red Pear
~ Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
~ Blue Cheese 
(I opted for a creamy one, I can't lie and say I know which because the packet is in Hebrew. I bought it on a whim and it's GREAT. Creamy and strong tasting.)
~ Handful of Walnuts
- Fig Vinaigrette TOTAL LOVE!!!!!!!


Do I have to tell ya? No, I Didn't think so, just make it look FRUITY & FABULOUS! Presentation is key and food made with love is the most delicious, heart-warming kind, don't disappoint my darling dolls..

Yeah, so 7 weeks, no no 7lbs later, oh I mean heavier my clothes are definitely feeling snug, oh SHIT. My love for cooking and mixing together flavours has spiralled out of control, I have never been so inspired by flavours and spices in my life. I have had to take a healthy turn and give the carbs a rest for a few days. MEGA LOLZ. Whilst hummus and falafel are a popular tradition here in the middle-east, I have stretched far beyond the stereotypical flavours that you can imagine here in Israel. Firstly, all the produce here is fresh, the fruit is straight off the, no I mean quite literally, cute, and the vegetables are straight outta the ground here in Israel. In London, the produce is usually imported due to the not-so-tropical climate, not so fresh as you say you are HEY. The markets here are incredible for a foodie like me, a wonderland of colour, freshness and flavour. LOVES IT!

This morning I strolled down by the port in Tel-Aviv, unlike the usual setting of the Shuk Carmel that I usually find myself wandering through week in/week out. I stumbled across a local produce stand sampling an array of fruity vinaigrette's open for testing. WOW. These are mind blowing, from Strawberry, to Fig, to Mango...I GOTTA GET EM. I bought the fig and mango, and for sure will be going back for more. The taste is delightfully pleasing the the taste buds and complements fruity salads and creamy blue cheeses. I could tell this from the moment I placed the sample in my mouth. Fruit and salad go impeccably well FYI. The recipe creation that I grace you with here is a perfect healthy treat, full of complex flavours, textures and colours. Great for a summer dinner party or just as a quick lunch, it is quick, easy and so damn DELICIOUS! Strawberries go exceptionally well with basil and balsamic vinaigrette, or balsamic reduction/syrup. Be creative, I can guarantee you it won't fail. 


~ The addition/garnishing of nuts (walnuts being my fave in salads) come with many health benefits such as added dietary fibres, a wide range of essential nutrients including several B group vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as calcium. 

~ Citrus fruits, they're not just zesty, juicy goodness, they contain VITAMIN C...which apparently helps you see better! They lower the risk of strokes, help fight weight gain, cancer and supposedly lowers stress

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are FULL OF FIBRE, I don't need to say the got it.

- Berries. Small but POWERFUL. Full of antioxidants, they help your body fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals that cause illness.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of heart disease, but too much fruit isn't too good as remember they are full of natural sugars. 

Enjoy preparing your summery salads dolls, and if you are in cold countries, bring some sunshine to your lunchtimes with these summery salad ideas. 


Bea {X} 


(If any of you try my recipe's, I would LOVE to hear your feedback) :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tel Aviv Is Where My Heart Is |

A picture tells a thousand words
As I am writing this, we are in the middle of an electrical storm, the lights just flickered and burnt out and the thunder is making the windows rattle, the floor tremble...drum roll's 1am and I am staring out the huge double window in our 'dining room' watching lightening zig-zag through the sky making its way to the ground. The fortitude of its strength is almost terrifying but its beauty cannot be faulted as it lights up the city and the sky... I am captivated by it.


So here I am, half way across the world, a 22 year old aspiring writer, life and fashion enthusiast and creative catalyst lost this wonderland that I call life. I followed my dreams, packed my bags and here I am in Tel Aviv, ani Olah Hadasha! <-(Showing off my Hebrew skillz obv). In my first week of living here I was thrown into a completely different world, far different from the cushioned lifestyle I have grown up with. I can wholly admit to completely taking too much for granted in England, growing up I was more than fortunate. As I walk into my new home, I find a dusty, barren apartment with what looks like a primary school table and chairs for a dining room and a kitchen about 2 metres in width with a makeshift hob, literally identical to the cheapest 'cooker' available on SIMS. Yes, we all remember that game, but of course if you were the one who cheated with MOTHERLOAD you were never poor enough to actually purchase that piece of crap (guilty..). The flat is full of dust, probably due to the fact the windows don't actually close properly, say goodbye to double glazing, and the fact there was an in formidable sand storm prior to my arrival. Cute. There just seems to be dust and sand everywhere and here I stand alone awaiting to meet my new family, my roomates, for the next 5 months, because at the end of the day you make your friends your family.

Everywhere you look, this city has character even in the darkest of places

I always imagined I would never be able to handle such an environment, to be honest, I am sure most people would have thought the same about me, yet I stood there and threw my bags down and couldn't stop smiling. I did it. I woke up and followed my dream. The thing is we all have dreams, I for one have my head in the clouds, but to make your dream a reality is a beautiful feeling, I feel stronger than ever. So what, it's far from the reality of Surrey, halle-fucking-lujah, my bed is a piece of wood with a mattress two inches thick, which by the way in my current status, I cannot complain about, I sleep pretty damn well. I solved the problem by buying cleaning products such as bleach, cloths and a floor swisher and within a day between us it looked just about habitable and however much we might laugh about the situation, we all LOVE IT. We are so used to it now, in fact we get excited about the cleaning processes, we all help each other out and we are already like a family. In fact when Katie didn't come home the other night, I missed her. I share a room with Katie, and I'll be honest I was dreading this part. Sharing a bedroom, and having a single bed. I love it! It is like living with your sister...we laugh ourselves to sleep most nights and it's truly fabulous. XOXO Beit Brodetskies.

Me and my doll Katie 
Roomies Betchess

Meet my darling doll Abigaelle from Paris, she is the sassiest of them all

Issues I have come across in my new home consist of storms causing havoc. For example right now I am sitting in darkness with the room lighting up only when lightening strikes, because the lights are out and water is coming in through the windows...hmmm. Just appreciate that our windows in the kitchen are situated right above a power point and several electrical devices, so in the event of a storm, WHICH IS NOW, we are quite literally like SHIT. Bear Grills eat your heart out, we have to wrap everything with plastic bags whilst apartments on the other floors are flooding, luckily we are in one of the best locations so flooding won't affect us. We hope. Those who have me on snapchat will see me running through the dorms as the ferocious storms attack...I live at Ulpan so we study Hebrew daily in the classrooms downstairs, and when a storm hits at least 2 of us run out to protect our homes HAHA! SHIT I LEFT THE WINDOW OPEN! THE POWER POINTS!!!! It's all comical really, because we are all having the best time of our lives, the positives in this experience weigh out any negatives and I really can't complain.

The best shot I could get, it's taken me time and I can't capture the fork.
This is the situation. See the bags stuffed in there? YEAH about that!
Under the H&M bag are 3 electrical points and windows THAT DO NOT CLOSE.
Survival Skillz

I find that if you look up, you discover more than you anticipated

The pros to making Aliyah are that I have made new friends from all over the world, some, especially my roomies, that I will be friends with for life. Apart from these freak storms this week, I wake up go to school then reside on the beach with my girlfriends, study in cute cafes with iced coffee, dance, sing, and roam the city that has already stolen my heart. There is so much still left undiscovered, and yes it's hard at times, a lot of the time you hear that someone has been stabbed and it brings us all sadness more than fear. In our first week we lived through a week on a high Terror Alert. Pepper spray was sold out everywhere, it was announced that free Krav Maga (self-defence) lessons were available around the country and warned to be cautious in the streets and on buses. There were times where I would walk through streets and be slightly on edge because you are aware, and your phone would bleep with an update or new attack up to 3 times a day, yet I never felt fear. It is a way of life here to and you just get on with your life, besides i'm an Israeli now. It affected me in other ways, I woke up feeling sad, how these monsters could commit such crimes, persecuting innocent people for their religion, and what aggravates me more is the way the western media portrays the attacks. I mean are you serious? Living here, you know the facts and you read these ignorant opinions by journalists that clearly have anti-semitism running in their veins and it sickens me. Shame on you.

I get more worried about my family than myself, because obviously when you're outside of Israel watching the news break you feel such sorrow and you are shocked that this is happening to our people, but even more so I can only imagine what it is like for my family to watch the breaking news knowing that I am IN ISRAEL but it is OK! Please know that I am safe and I will continue to be safe, don't you worry! Do not lay awake at night or trouble yourselves with unnecessary worry, I stay out of trouble, PROMISE! Kisses to you all! I love you and miss you xoxo

To be honest, there is danger everywhere and I honestly feel safer here than in London. I have been here 3 weeks and yes, I have a long way to go, my journey only just began and I am sure there will be downs but I know I have amazing people around me to drag me straight back up when I fall, I will certainly be there for you my darling dolls.

In 9 days I have learnt to read and write in Hebrew and can already handle some conversations (sort of...) on the streets. I am so proud of myself and everyone here at Ulpan, to think 9 days ago we would stare at the symbols and be like SAY WHAAAAT! It is such an accomplishment and I am loving it..

Oh and BTW Hebrew is NOT easy. Can you tell?
Oh and there are 3 ALPHABETS. Too many versions of the same letter to understand.

This new chapter in my life is by far the biggest so far, and it is 100% something my future self will thank me for. You can thank me later...until then I have to go live my life. LAYLA TOV xoxo

Make you're dreams a reality.
Do something your future self will thank you for.
He offered her the world but she said she had her own.
There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.
What a wonderful thought that some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet.
Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything, maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you so that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place


Bea {x}


 Jean Jacket - American Apparel Mens 
(I saw it on the sale rail, its a small, bargain buy. LOVES IT)
NOT OKAY Neoprene Top - H&M
Leather High-Top Converse
Sunglasses - Michael Kors
Mini Happy Shopper Handbag - Celine
Ripped Jeans - Topshop

The walls and buildings are all so unique, especially in Neve Tsedek.
I adore this beautiful clay mosaic art on a random wall on the street.
Unique and beautiful like each and every one of us

There is plenty of cool street art and graffiti in Tel-Aviv
Some with deeper and more political meanings...

Kisses from Tel Aviv xoxo