Monday, 29 September 2014

OUT AND ABOUT: Goodwood Revival: Festival of Speed |

As we blare Klingande's 'Jubel' out of the sound system with saxophone's ringing in our ears, windows down, smiles in tact; my father and I meandered our way down the country lanes of Chichester for the very sought-after motoring event of the year: Goodwood Revival. For those of you who are unfamiliar; Goodwood Revival: Festival of Speed is a reflection of the motorcar/motorcycle racing that took place at the Goodwood Motor Circuit between the years of 1948-1966.

My father and I were extremely fortunate to have been invited to attend Goodwood Revival as guests of Maserati. was definitely all you could have imagined. As we arrived at the Goodwood Country house, which had primarily been taken over by Maserati, we were greeted by many friendly faces. Amongst them were all sorts of interesting people, a great networking event for me. I met a two wonderful young tailors from Oxford who were able to share with me their extensive knowledge on tailoring. Whilst I haven't done many tailored posts recently, I am infatuated with sharp tailoring hence 'Sartorial', making this meet and greet very educational for myself.

After casual mutterings over teas and coffees and even a few cheeky pastries we were picked up by our Chauffeur and off we went. After exploring the circuit, watching a few races and exploring the retro village my father and I headed back to the country house for the champagne reception, followed by lunch.

So lunch... a bit too rich for my liking... but I wasn't complaining. We left with a goodie bag (of course) and left with huge smiles on our faces.....until we hit 4 hours of traffic that is.. if you go; I would plan your journey home, stopping for Dinner somewhere in the country whilst the traffic dies down would be ideal.

Goodwood Revival is a fabulous day out, with everyone getting into the spirit of things by dressing up in period costume during the 40s-60s. The motor circuit is spectacular equipped with a movie-set village which is reflective of the 50s era. There are endless activities to do, choose to jive away to some 50s classics or wander the vintage stalls, enriched with divine furs and vintage clothing, along with hat stalls (this is where I was in Fedora heaven...shame my bank account wasn't so forgiving) and vintage sunglasses. I managed to spot out these beauties. Alike to the Wildfox design, I was able to pick these up for £20, which I bartered down to £15. Yet again, a bargain buy for me.... WINNING!

So onto the most important part of all: FASHION (OBVIOUSLY...)

As a true Fashionista I become mirthfully captivated when historical fashions resurface with such effortlessness and craft. I am absolutely inspired by everything pertinent to the fashions of the late 40s with the advances of the unadorned pre-war rags of WWII to the prosperity of post-war riches. This movement saw rags turn into beautifully rich and flowing silks, wools and duchess satins. Dominating the 40s with his creation of the hour-glass silhouette, Christian Dior had fabricated a feminine collection which accentuated the womanly curves of the female body, a collection which he called Corelle ‘Flower Woman’ was later distinguished as ‘The New Look’. As soon as I received my invite....I knew this was going to be one hell of a ball!
What I Wore:
Dress - Zara
Bag - Gucci Soho Disco Bag
Mary-Jane Shoes - Topshop
Belt - Moschino
Mink Fur Shawl - VINTAGE:This was handed down to me, when my friend Georgia's nanna passed away...they passed this down to me and I am eternally grateful! It is just gorgeous!
Bea {x}

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

JET SET: The Sartorial Doll Takes Monaco PART 3 |

Okay so who would have thought that my 48 hour trip to Monaco would warrant me to write a 3-part blog post...I literally managed to cram in so so much! Take me back...48 hours definitely wasn't enough! Missing you already Jazz! {x}
I am a total city girl and I love all the quirky goings-ons and madness of the concrete jungle that is London. In London, you have everything at your fingertips, and well, it is arguably the biggest fashion capital of the world; competing with New York, Paris and Milan. What isn't there to love apart from the traffic, the people (at times) .....if you hate 'people' you're better off as a country bumpkin because London can be fierce and I love it! Lucky for me, I am one of those weirdos who literally makes friends in the street...I love people and love talking to people so I just can't help myself sometimes!
 Aside from my admiration for London, I am besotted with the South of France, in fact I may even prefer it to Italy. With its beautiful landscapes and long winding roads, equipped with hidden bridges and overgrown pathways, smothered by exotic roses and vast amounts of ivy.. there is something so enchanting and romantic about the South of France.

From L-R: Millie, Jazzmin and I

The reason for my trip to Monaco as mentioned in Part 1; was to attend and celebrate in style, my BFFs 21st Birthday Bash and so that is EXACTLY what we did! We drank more champagne than water...literally... and ate an enormous amount of food with 3 courses of deliciousness!

So here's the lowdown y'all:

Where? Zelos Beach, Monaco
Who Went? This was a special day celebrating with just close friends and family
Theme? Boho Chic
Who Wore What?
~ * ~
~ Millie ~
wore this gorgeous chiffon, tie-dye maxi dress which fastened down the front, head to toe with buttons. A perfect choice for Jazzy's Boho Chic Theme
~ Jazzmin ~
 wore this vintage style, lace, swing dress accompanied by a pair of glamorous platform wedges. Unfortunately the name of the boutique is unknown as Jazzmin picked up these beauties in St.Tropez!
~ Bea ~
So I don't know if you noticed...but my dress looks like it's from Missoni...but it's not, in fact my dress is from Warehouse.

Designer vs. Highstreet.
Designer 0 - 1 Highstreet. BAM!

 This simple little beach dress was perfect for the occasion and I accessorised it with this beautiful flower crown c/o Jazzmin. It just so happens that all the colours match up. Anyone who knows me well...knows it is all about colour co-ordination and it is always in the details.

I wore my Topshop, white 'Spice Girls' wedges and accompanied my look with my Gucci Soho Disco Bag.
What to drink?
Well..Champagne obviously
Dans le Menu?
Starter: Grand Platters of sushi, tomato, mozzarella & avocado salad drizzled with a pesto dressing accompanied by Parma ham and Melon mountains
Main: I opted for the seabass.. I mean if you're in a beach bar you should really have the fresh fish surely? Alternatively there was the Steak which look HUGE but my gosh it was delicious (I obviously had a nibble of mums..)
Dessert: Jazzmin's 21 cake made for her by her wonderful nana! The 2 and the 1 were different cakes and both were ever so delicious!

This is honestly enough to feed 3 if not 4... the biggest steak for 1 I have ever seen and IT WAS DELICIOUS!


Jazzmin's mummy Lisa set up this beautiful area where photos were taken and gifts were placed. This was so beautiful and meaningful with photos of Jazzy from birth to present covering the table and the wall, accompanied by these stunning flowers (which guess what, they're fake? THEY LOOK BLOODY DAMN REAL!!!). Overall the venue was decorated beautifully by Lisa with even the smallest details making their beauty known. Sprinkling the table with real Swarvoski crystals was absolutely girls definitely know how to party in style!

Jazzy was spoilt rotten with a whole variety of amazing gifts!! Millie and I got Jazzy the Tiffany Infinity ring as a sign that we will be the best of friends forever. Ceeerrruuuute.

I love this Chanel, Perfum Bottle iPhone 5 case which Naomi brought back from Shanghai for Jazzy. Total LOVE! Doesn't she look gorgeous! Jazzmin looked every part of beautiful on her special day!

Peace out Bitchessssss

OBVIOUSLY there were real Swarvoski Crystals decorating the tables, so Naomi and I decided to make good use of the crystals.. creative caroline over here...

I absolutely love this flower crown!! Grab yours from Claire's Accessories!

But first....

Meet my mother - ello Sarah 

I even got to dip my feet in the ocean and feel the sand inbetween my toes...


Yeah that one at the very back...that's me...I went quite a lot further before falling in the deep and V dark water... UH OH
...and then there was PADDLE BOARDING. OK. Guess what! I am terrified of the sea and dark water, sharks and pretty much anything that I can't see below me; however this can be overcome at times depending on the circumstances. E.g. Crystal clear waters are okay and so is scuba diving. Anyways...Millie and I set off, sharing a board, with Millie paddling to begin with...Millie fell in whilst I watched and laughed. Then I got waaaaay too cocky and went out solo.. I went so far, standing up and paddling first, resulting in....well.... I BLOODY FELL IN DIDN'T I. Typical. I was genuinely terrified, at first I just screamed and did doggy-paddle and then I was like 'MOVE'. It was all something to laugh about in the end..

Laughing every day reminds me how beautiful life is..
BEA {x}