Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Varsity Doll |


Bomber Jacket. Check. ✔️ Hair Scrunchie. Check. ✔️ Frilly Socks. Check... ✔️ This is starting to sound like a 'What to pack' list for visiting an American High school for the day, but fortunately it's not. Whilst I am aware that the 'Varsity' trend was 'so AW13', I am also aware that the Bomber Jacket is the statement piece this season and well, they both merge into one trend to be honest! Many often comment on my 'back to school' style, and whilst Blair Waldorf can be an inspiration to many, this 'look' stretches far further than a shirt, skirt and bow combo. In this look I wanted to rein in that varsity style, in an American High school Cheerleader meets Shoreditch kinda way.

I absolutely love, l.o.v.e, LOVE this denim wash shift dress, from Topshop; whilst it may not be the most flattering fit, it can be carried off in an effortlessly cool and casual way. It sort of says...I really don't give a f*** without looking like you haven't showered in days. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this piece, as it was in fact borrowed (if not stolen.....) from my fellow doll, Claudia. When wearing this denim dress, I always throw in a pair of Topshop's Frilly Socks (obviously). From dusty pink, to baby blue, to black and white, to orange... I have it all, every single colour combination and trust me, I find ways to fit them into my outfits! I LOVE frilly socks with shoes! In this look I went for white frilly socks paired with black Mary-Jane's; due to the outfit being rather colourful, I felt the need to keep it plain and simple on the sock/shoe front. To complete the dress, I added a collar, of course - my most adorned collar being the Peter Pan collar, which mainly comes in the form of a lightweight, American Apparel, cropped shirt which slips under pretty much EVERYTHING.

THE BOMBER JACKET: This seasons must-have item. Mine? Has a 'B' on it obviously and is from Topshop. I got mine last year unfortunately, however I recently bought one similar (also with a 'B' on it) from Forever 21 and can confirm that Topshop are currently stocking some similar due to the highstreet being swarmed with bomber jackets right now. I see Varsity Jackets as an investment as they do come in and out of fashion fairly often. My most wanted bomber is from Opening Ceremony...except due to it being a bank-breaker I haven't been obliged to buy it YET. To top it off, I wore my hair 1/2 up with a velvety maroon hair scrunchie paired with retro-style aviator sunglasses in cream. Where my Pom Poms at?

Denim Wash Shift Dress - Topshop
Cropped Sleeveless Shirt - American Apparel
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Varsity Bomber Jacket - Topshop
Mary Jane's - Topshop
Satchel - Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses - Bvlgari
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Tuesday, 11 March 2014




Nothing better than a glass of Prosecco after running a half marathon...and buying SHOES!

This continues to baffle me...if anyone is familiar with how this is done PLEASE TELL ME.

One of the perks of having a BFF in fashion PR is that you get to know about all the sample sales; who, when and where. I for one love a bargain, and I have been quite lucky when it comes to shoes lately and no matter what I'm doing I can always find time for a good ol' sample sale. 

So who was it this week? SOPHIA WEBSTER! If you have read one of my LFW blog posts from back in Feb (see here) you may have figured out that I am a huge fan of Sophia's eccentric aesthetics and quirky, youthful style. A shoe designer at best, Sophia's shoes are colourful, fun and flirty...yet expensive! So when I reached the finishing line of the Roding Valley Half Marathon to receive a call from Claudia asking me to go, I couldn't say no! No matter how much my legs demanded that I rest I jumped straight in the shower, grabbed a bagel 'to go' and off I went to Covent Garden...

Being the UK average shoe size of a 5, it meant that on my arrival most were AS USUAL gone. After trying on several styles in my size I got myself in a tizz regarding the fact 'Giselle' weren't in my size. Of course this pair of gorgeous black booties were all gone. I went for broke and tried a 4 1/2 and ... THEY BLOODY FIT. So about 10 minutes later I was £150 poorer but I had treated myself. Oh YARRR. A shoe fit for Queen B, Sophia's addition of what appears to be tiaras on the front of each foot is just what caught my eye. Total love!

Claudia also purchased a pair of black slouch booties, hers more elaborately detailed than mine with metallic-thread embroidery and an open toe with stiletto heel. 

All heels were £150 with some being £200. Samples were £50 but were all in stupidly large or small sizes. The mistake many (including myself) make with sample sales is that you are inclined to buy something because it is 'designer' and 'cheaper'. DON'T. 80% of the time you are still spending over £100 on the piece and well... If you don't love it, DON'T BUY IT. I spent over an hour faffing over several pairs of shoes at the Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale, only to realise I didn't actually like any of the shoes in my size. Close to spending over £300 I refrained and left without regret. The key to bargains is to not buy rubbish but buy golden goodies that have a story to their purchase! If you find that golden goody, grab it, then go treat yourself to a glass of prosecco, just like we do! Retail Therapy...

What we wore:
Dress - Sister Jane
Ostrich Feather Gillet - Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses - Topshop

Cheque Cigarette Trousers - Topshop

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If you haven't checked out Sophia Webster you can do so here! 

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Monday, 10 March 2014

OUT AND ABOUT: Cocktails in the Sky |

Being a Londoner, you come to realise that nothing comes cheap. The average price of a cocktail in London is around £10-£11 if not more. In many of the nightclubs in Chelsea I find myself spending £22 on a Vodka.Lime.Soda! So what are you paying for? Half the time prices are based on location and exclusivity, other times,'re wasting your money basically. Now whilst many of you may have already had a rendez-vous here and there, I like sharing my favourite places in London. The quirkier the better and well, if your getting an experience alongside the drink then who cares it was all worth it in the end! From speakeasies and secret societies to sipping cocktails high in the sky and far down underground I want to share them all. So keep posted dolls!

As mentioned in my About Me, I am a huge speakeasy fan, I love the allure of being part of one of London's secret societies. The atmosphere is never too much but always enough and well...they tend to serve some of the most creative and deliciously strong cocktails in town. Aside to this, I love any bar that is as high up in the sky as possible, some of my favourite's include the City's Heron Tower (home to Sushi Samba and The Duck and Waffle), Tower 42 as well as Aqua on Argyll Street.

Last night my friend Alex treated me to cocktails in the 'Viewing Gallery' on the 33rd floor of New Oxford Street's CENTRE POINT. The bar itself is called Paramount and if you are thinking of going you must book before. The viewing gallery gives you a breathtaking, 360-degree view of the whole of London. You can sit propped right up against the glass window pane with extremely dim lighting making the sights even more appealing. The atmosphere is very mild, making this a great first-date hotspot! You won't be drowned out by others screaming and shouting with the fabuluxe view being a great conversation saver...if in doubt point it out (no awkward silences here)!

If you have vertigo... take a seat in the downstairs bar and not the Viewing Gallery (or don't look down). The cocktail list is an elaborate take on all my favourite things, including marshmallows! I have had some interesting cocktails in my time, and wasn't sure what to expect but this was AH-MAZING. I have to say, congrats Paramount, because this is one of my favourite cocktails EVER and I will definitely be making a return very soon. Thank You.

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Friday, 7 March 2014

PFW: Welcome to the Chanel SUPER MARCHE! |

Karl Lagerfeld has done it yet again, each runway seems to top the last, with his latest production being my absolute favourite to date... Welcome to, the Chanel Supermarket; Lagerfeld created in sheer dimensions, a life size supermarket stocked and stacked with Chanel inspired goods such as Chanel teas (Little Black Tea), Cheese stalls, Coconuts (Lait de 'Coco'), mountains of caviar, wines, olive oil and even housewife essentials such as rubber gloves and wait for it...there is even a Chanel Chainsaw. Take that one as you will? I mean imagine if this actually existed, would it or would it not just be the most exclusive grocery store in the world, I mean forget getting your tea at Fortnums, the cashier's would be the most glamorous of employees and well walking down the aisle would be more like walking down the red carpet with it being a star-studded affair! The idea of bumping into Karl in Marks and Spencer's is too foreign to imagine, he must have Nobu on speed dial...

Whilst the latest AW ready-to-wear trends made their debut down the 'aisles' it remained clear that Lagerfeld was maintaining his youthful and more urban approach to the styles of the future and the present. The concept showcased within the colossal interior of Paris's Grand Palais by Chanel suggests that urban, fashion-forward model, Cara Delevigne is influencing fashion mastermind, Karl Lagerfeld to start entertaining a much younger audience, such as the 21 year old herself. As Karl lures to turn around Chanel's image, in some light it portrays a fanciful yet absurd future where the 'Chanel Woman' is more youthful and whilst I don't think we will be seeing Trucker/Flat caps take to the Catwalk any time soon, we can see that as times are changing, the younger generation are becoming a huge part in boosting the sales of the most non-chalant and timeless Parisian brand in the world. Karl Lagerfeld left us unaware of what is to come in the future for Chanel, but as always Karl ensured that the iconic Chanel suit made its righteous appearance in a beautiful bubblegum pink and white tweed mix. Other tweed garments boasted a mixture of coloured threads with pink, green, yellow and brown seemingly being the most prominent colours on the catwalk.

Who wants a pair of Chanel Trainers...I do!

c/o ibtimes
 This isn't the first time that Lagerfeld has incorporated food into his visions:






(All photo's are c/o

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I Double Denim Dare You! |

Do you dare to wear denim on denim? Hell Yeah! Finally my craze of layering denim on denim is set to become one of Spring's biggest trends, and whilst some of you are picturing that tragic moment when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked up to the American Music Awards in 2001 wearing that head-to-toe double denim wash combo..think again!

Dungarees - Topshop
Shirt - H&M
Shoes - Balenciaga
Sunglasses - Topshop
Hair Scrunchie - American Apparel

 Bea {x}