Tuesday, 17 June 2014

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Having your hair done is the ultimate pick me up and I love reinventing my look; I mean isn't that what your twenties are for? Whilst I am known for my fiery red hair, I have (temporarily) opted for Ombré locks which undoubtedly (thank god) was a successful endeavour. My hairdresser Ben is beyond great, not only because he feeds me champagne like water and makes me laugh profusely, but because he actually listens to what I want and I ALWAYS walk out of the salon smiling as opposed to calling my BFF to be like 'oh...great...I look like a poodle' or the classic 'I look EXACTLY the same'. More often that not I have been told not to do something by a hairdresser because apparently girls all over the world are spending hundreds of pounds to get my hair colour and it is beautiful. OK that is lovely and I adore my red hair, but now and then I like to (temporarily) change it, SO PLEASE LET ME.

This season I dared to try the Ombré effect, however, Ben only applied a temp colour on the roots because otherwise the re-growth would have been putrid. Can you imagine the ginger roots with a VV dark brown middle section which then gradients into bleach blonde? I might as well be a tiger or a bizarre sandwich filler... trending? I don't think so?

Overall, I absolutely love it, and had my eyebrows tinted darker to match!

The House of RUSH (Piccadilly)
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