Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Urban Enchantment |

I, myself am a complete day dreamer and most of my time is spent with my head somewhere up in the clouds. Today's look tells the fictional story of a young woman who is lost in the enchanted woods, completely engrossed by mythical creatures, but in reality she is just on the journey to chasing her dreams. This look illustrates pink as being the main colour focus, with the augmentation of navy blue in the form of a velvet peter pan collar and detailing on the shoes, it portrays Romanticism and feminism. My floral hairpiece (which you can order off Ebay, they're handmade and not too expensive - see here) is that must-have, go-to fashion accessory which is always a winner at festivals plus it's so cute!

The dress itself is designed by my newest discovery, Sister Jane; with their tag line being 'Fashion for Dreamers' you can see how and why I fell in love with the brand from the minute that I stumbled across it. In addition to this, the 'collar' in all its forms is reciprocated season by season. Sister Jane releases a new season every 6 weeks, making trans-seasonal dressing a hell of a lot easier! Sister Jane aims to keep up with all the latest trends whilst remaining whimsical and eccentric, Sister Jane currently has a concession on the LG floor of Topshop's Flagship Store in Oxford Circus, or try Portobello road where there is a newly opened Sister Jane boutique or alternatively check it out online here.

As for my shoes...well what a bargain! I came across these in the January sales and what a result, I bagged these metallic Mary-Jane's for £20 in the Topshop Sale. Mary-Jane's, or as my Stepmother likes to call them; Dolly-Rockers are a vintage style shoe, which seems to repeatedly come back into fashion due to its non-chalant style dating back to those of the 60s! Try these paired with Topshop's frilly socks for mixing up the look.


Dress - Sister Jane
Hairpiece - Ebay
Shoes - Topshop

Bea {x}


Monday, 24 February 2014

OUT AND ABOUT: I said BRRRRR it's cold in here! |

After months, if not YEARS of wanting to visit London's Ice bar, I finally got to go! OH YARRR! With celebrations for my Friend Claudia's 23rd birthday taking place on the weekend, I thought I would book two places at the Ice Bar for an after-work, birthday treat slash surprise...Oh but of course it backfired when the website read FULLY BOOKED...however Claudia happened to be standing outside when I told her and so she went in and well, tada she got us tickets! Great minds think alike I say!

I am an extremely positive person, therefore even after being told repeatedly that the Below Zero venue is 'overrated', I decided to enter the experience completely open minded! Officially you only have to queue for 5 or so minutes, providing you don't turn up too early for your booking (I mean turning up 20-30 mins early is a bit excessive). Once you have shown your tickets, you literally have a metallic, blue (snazzy) jacket THROWN over you which has gloves attached by string. You are given a brief talk, and then well it's enter at your own peril and enjoy!

Priced at £16, you receive 1 drink which is redeemable inside once chosen from the menu - champagne is available at a £4 supplement; and well there's no poppin' bottles in here as due to the almost arctic temperatures you only get a 40 minute slot so drink up!

Is it actually made out of ice? YES IT IS ALL ICE, you drink from ice, sit on ice, stare at ice, eat name it, it is all ICE. Overall, it was a great #selfie hotspot and was an extremely enjoyable experience!

Where is it?
1-33 Heddon St, London W1B 4BN
020 7478 8910
Book online HERE

The Three Amigo's: Claudia, George, Bea


P.S. There is a 'waiting' seat for a friend in the bathroom...must be an Icelandic thing

What I wore:
 Tartan Skirt - L.O.V.E
Peter Pan Collar Shirt - American Apparel
Jumper - Warehouse
Fur - Ebay
Coat - Zara
Bea {x}

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ready for the Equinox |

Even though the spring equinox doesn't take place until the 21st of March (which is the day I will be running the Marathon in Israel), as the sun endeavours to make a rare sojourn from the clouds, we can slowly start to feel as if spring is finally upon us! Whilst my legs are hideously pale, and yes, arguably I should invest in a spray tan ASAP, I just don't see the point until the climate gets that little bit warmer, as I am forever wearing tights and long sleeves!

Oh no she didn't...OH YES I DID! I am a sucker for double denim, and whilst I have a few double denim ensembles, I went for this one in particular seeing as it goes rather nicely with my latest craze, the 'monsters inc coat' (total love). We are all familiar with the notion that 'Double Denim' can be classed as fashion suicide when you get it wrong, but when you get it right, it looks bloody fabulous! Washed out denim can also wash you out, so maybe DO invest in a spray tan; as for accessories, I always think silver, pale pastel colours and different shades of blue harmonize with denim perfectly. Remember to cater to the wash (shade) of denim as this varies massively. With this outfit, everything is quite shapeless, by either flowing or being baggy (par the high waistline - which is covered anyway) which gives off an effortless daytime look, which in spring/summer could be carried on into casual drinks in the evening. This outfit is perfect for catching up with friends at Chelsea's Farmer's Market with a pitcher of Pimms, that's if this winter ever ends! 
Skirt/Shirt/Necklace - Topshop
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Balenciaga
Sunglasses - Bvlgari
Bea {x}

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Take me to Heartbreak Hotel..♥ |

London Fashion Week #LFW is officially in full swing with J.W. Anderson bringing back long skirts, whilst Holly Fulton goes all 1920s Art Deco and who can forget Henry Holland's 'Debauched Debutantes'; based on an imaginary Debutante ball that got leaked onto Facebook and crashed by a group of  'House of Holland Harlots' or Cara Delevigne taking the first ever Catwalk selfie during her walk in the Giles show! This season we can expect to see more bias-cut skirts with the pencil skirt making a comeback, we can also expect to see clashing prints, wallpaper prints and pieces emblazoned by eclectic sayings.
With all this aside, my #LFW highlight has to be the Sophia Webster presentation! Whilst Sophia may not have had a catwalk, she used her Covent Garden pop-up shop to create a story, allowing everyone to visit the Heartbreak Hotel. There was no FROW at this show, everyone had a chance to get up close and personal.
I absolutely adore the fact that Sophia herself is married with a child, however she endeavoured and succeeded to win the hearts of many young and single ladies! Whilst many can relate to music through their heartbreak (in my case Tay Swift), Sophia has created a wonderful and engaging concept where young girls can engage through shoes...and well we all LOVE shoes!
Even though I was unable to go to the heartbreak Hotel (my invite obviously got lost in the mail..) my friend Claudia did and she kindly sent me her photos (THANKS CLAUDE)! This season saw pom pom, and furs with lots of bright, rearing on neon colours with gladiator knee-high boots and stiletto sandals, followed by the platform. This season's platform is VERY chunky, clunky and funky and reflects the 60s, retro vibe produced in the concept.
All in all, Sophia Webster - We love you! ♥
Bea {x}

Monday, 17 February 2014

Queen B of Constance |

If only this was the Upper East-side; meeting on the steps of Constance for coffee and gossiping over invites for Blair's latest slumber party, but unfortunately, it isn't and however much we all wish we could be Blair and Serena, we aren't.

I first fell in love with this 'Sassy School Girl Style' waaaaaay back in 2007 (gosh that seems like forever ago) when Gossip Girl first aired..and I have loved it ever since. I would class this as one of my signature looks as I love mix and matching bows and collar accessories whilst pairing different shirts with different skirts; and of course then there is my power accessory - the velvet hairband. So simple, yet so effective, I am lost without it. This preppy-chic trend can be tailored to each season by adapting patterns, colours, shapes and styles. This week we see the latest trends unravel on London's catwalks at LFW. We can expect to see longer skirts this season, with the pencil skirt making a comeback, which is unfortunate for me seeing as I am only 5ft 5...

Shirt/Shoes - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Gillet - Miss Selfridge
Hairband - American Apparel
Handbag - Gucci

Bea {x}

Sunday, 16 February 2014

I'll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent A Darker Colour |

Black may symbolise something far darker to some, however to me it is classic, nonchalant, timeless and portrays elegance and opulence. In more ways that some black is sartorial. There is something about wearing black on black on black that makes me feel at ease, not only is it flattering on the figure, but goes with everything, and never ceases to amaze. Black can be simple and it can be dramatic; in this look I am wearing a simple dress/shirt combo accompanied by Suede, wedged heels paired with Frilly Socks. The frilly socks and shoe combo is a signature feature added to many of my looks, I am definitely a girly girl and love frills or accentuating an outfit with an accessory such as frilly socks.

I fell in love with this feather jacket back in November whilst treating myself with my first paycheck from my new job. It stood out to me instantly with its outlandish style and 50's demure. It is definitely a dramatic piece that risks looking too much if paired with the wrong outfit for the wrong occasion. There is something that screams 1950s Hollywood with this look and my favourite accessory is the hat, which you'll be happy to hear is from Primark! What a bargain buy!

Dress/ Hat - Primark
Shirt - American Apparel
Feather Jacket - Dahlia (Brand can be found on LG floor of Topshop's Flagship Oxford Circus store)
Wedged Heels - River Island
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Bag/Necklace - Chanel

Bea {x}

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Good Girl Gone Grunger Chic |

Hey Dolls, Welcome to my first ever blog post! A classic 'Bea' outfit that I love to wear regularly is one that has some form of collar, the bigger the better I say. Today I went for the simplistic peter pan collar, which paired with anything with a high enough neckline can change and shape an outfit completely, you can refine the way a dress looks by simply pairing it with a shirt or detachable collar depending on the cut of the dress. Inevitably by adding a collar, you can't shy away from the school girl style persona which it conveys, however you can switch up the look with just a pair of shoes or maybe even just an accessory, I opted for my grungy biker boots from Topshop. I am literally in love with these boots, they go with pretty much everything and can change a look instantly. These are undeniably a must-have. With gale force winds sweeping the South West at the moment it is a sensible idea to layer up! In this look I went for the dress and shirt combo, with a cropped jumper (the dropped shoulders and tight sleeves give it that 80s vibe) topped off with my rabbit/fox fur gilet to add glamour, with the addition of a few simple accessories. You can't go wrong with a velvety black hairband... I have American Apparel to thank for that.

Dress - Primark
Shirt/Hairband - American Apparel
Jumper - H&M
Shoes - Topshop
Accessories - Chanel

Bea {x}

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