Monday, 24 February 2014

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After months, if not YEARS of wanting to visit London's Ice bar, I finally got to go! OH YARRR! With celebrations for my Friend Claudia's 23rd birthday taking place on the weekend, I thought I would book two places at the Ice Bar for an after-work, birthday treat slash surprise...Oh but of course it backfired when the website read FULLY BOOKED...however Claudia happened to be standing outside when I told her and so she went in and well, tada she got us tickets! Great minds think alike I say!

I am an extremely positive person, therefore even after being told repeatedly that the Below Zero venue is 'overrated', I decided to enter the experience completely open minded! Officially you only have to queue for 5 or so minutes, providing you don't turn up too early for your booking (I mean turning up 20-30 mins early is a bit excessive). Once you have shown your tickets, you literally have a metallic, blue (snazzy) jacket THROWN over you which has gloves attached by string. You are given a brief talk, and then well it's enter at your own peril and enjoy!

Priced at £16, you receive 1 drink which is redeemable inside once chosen from the menu - champagne is available at a £4 supplement; and well there's no poppin' bottles in here as due to the almost arctic temperatures you only get a 40 minute slot so drink up!

Is it actually made out of ice? YES IT IS ALL ICE, you drink from ice, sit on ice, stare at ice, eat name it, it is all ICE. Overall, it was a great #selfie hotspot and was an extremely enjoyable experience!

Where is it?
1-33 Heddon St, London W1B 4BN
020 7478 8910
Book online HERE

The Three Amigo's: Claudia, George, Bea


P.S. There is a 'waiting' seat for a friend in the bathroom...must be an Icelandic thing

What I wore:
 Tartan Skirt - L.O.V.E
Peter Pan Collar Shirt - American Apparel
Jumper - Warehouse
Fur - Ebay
Coat - Zara
Bea {x}
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