Thursday, 20 February 2014

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Even though the spring equinox doesn't take place until the 21st of March (which is the day I will be running the Marathon in Israel), as the sun endeavours to make a rare sojourn from the clouds, we can slowly start to feel as if spring is finally upon us! Whilst my legs are hideously pale, and yes, arguably I should invest in a spray tan ASAP, I just don't see the point until the climate gets that little bit warmer, as I am forever wearing tights and long sleeves!

Oh no she didn't...OH YES I DID! I am a sucker for double denim, and whilst I have a few double denim ensembles, I went for this one in particular seeing as it goes rather nicely with my latest craze, the 'monsters inc coat' (total love). We are all familiar with the notion that 'Double Denim' can be classed as fashion suicide when you get it wrong, but when you get it right, it looks bloody fabulous! Washed out denim can also wash you out, so maybe DO invest in a spray tan; as for accessories, I always think silver, pale pastel colours and different shades of blue harmonize with denim perfectly. Remember to cater to the wash (shade) of denim as this varies massively. With this outfit, everything is quite shapeless, by either flowing or being baggy (par the high waistline - which is covered anyway) which gives off an effortless daytime look, which in spring/summer could be carried on into casual drinks in the evening. This outfit is perfect for catching up with friends at Chelsea's Farmer's Market with a pitcher of Pimms, that's if this winter ever ends! 
Skirt/Shirt/Necklace - Topshop
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Balenciaga
Sunglasses - Bvlgari
Bea {x}

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