Thursday, 18 September 2014

JET SET: The Sartorial Doll takes Monaco PART 1 |

....the alarm sounds...except it's 7:15am and my taxi was booked for 6am, to take me where? THE AIRPORT. I don't think I have ever jumped out of bed in such a flash! The panic drew in when I realised I could miss my flight, which inevitably, I did. So about 7 hours later I re-embarked on my journey to the beautiful land that is MONACO with another flight booked and hand-luggage in tact.

DETAILS: I was never the kind of girl to travel in a tracksuit..

Whilst my journey didn't set off to a great start, I began to really enjoy my adventure making friends along the way and having quite a laugh. Whilst waiting in the line for Security Control I was stopped by a lovely girl named Kelly. We originally began by discussing my Monster Diamond Tear Headphones, which Kelly loved, but later ended up as friends. It turns out that Kelly is just moving to London from LA. So... I have agreed to show her around the town! After shopping and even more shopping due to most of the planes suffering from delays, including mine...snoreee.... I said goodbye to Kelly and took myself to the Champagne and Caviar Bar for a well-deserved glass of Rose Champagne.

Along the way I somehow managed to meet and talk to so many interesting people, the joys of being independent and travelling alone, I actually rather enjoyed it. I even met a lovely...but absolutely barking mad french lady who was taking the bus to see her son. She couldn't speak one word of English and all I knew to say was "Je parle petit anglais" and "Je ne comprende" along with a few other small mutterings. This was putting my school-girl french to the test! We ended up having a complete giggle and well I can truly say she made a not so bearable journey very bearable!

The reason for my trip was to REUNITE with my oldest and bestest friend in the whole wide world for her 21st Birthday. Jazzmin is my oldest childhood friend and as soon as Jazzy and her mummy Lisa moved to Monaco back when we were 7, we became seas apart... I visited Monaco every year thereafter, up until I was 16, to which I was unfortunately unable to go, and so, this was a BIG MOMENT for us obviously resulting in tears (tears of happiness that is)! Seeing as I missed my bloody morning flight, it unfortunately meant that I missed out on a days worth of gossiping, catching up and tanning...well I suppose I could have 'tried' to tan. I, myself am more like a piece of white bread, with pale porcelain skin, when sunbathing I tend to go golden, almost like a piece of bread that is lightly toasted. Unless I burn that is... in which case I suppose I look like a lobster. OUCH!
Jazzmin in her walk in is literally like a shop with photographs on the front of shoe boxes and rails and rails of beautiful clothes...literally every girls dream...lucky biatch!

Bea {x}

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