Sunday, 21 September 2014

JET SET: The Sartorial Doll Takes Monaco PART 2 |

BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP...Another 6am wake up call...except this time we're off to Stars 'n' Bars in Monaco's prestigious harbour to partake in Lisa's Zumba class. As I shake my booty and shimmy forward I find myself gazing out across the world-famous port that is Monaco's Harbour and my gosh WHAT A VIEW.

Many find themselves displaying their wealth in the tax-free haven which we call Monaco; where the wealthy squander their wealth at The Cafe de Paris Casino, lapping up lavish wines with caviar, but more so in the formation of a yacht....or if you're a real big dog....the super yacht. The notably, larger sized yachts display their dominance in the harbour with helicopters placed just so, on their own private helipad; with smaller yachts trailing behind with the addition of Jet Skis and what not. As you step foot upon any of the yachts, you are immediately greeted by staff who usually hand you a glass of champagne. This is a completely different world, one so different from what you may know, yet the people are undeniably more humble than you may think.

Me, Jazzmin and Millie - Both Jazzmin and Millie are my oldest childhood friends

I absolutely love the people of Monaco, so friendly and fun (well the people I have met anyways..)! Lisa's class is oversubscribed with almost 40 people attending her classes daily and they LOVE it. The turnout was impressive, but not as impressive as Lisa...girl you can move! I can positively say that you are THE BEST Zumba teacher I have ever had, and well.... I wouldn't mind doing that every morning.

xoxo REUNITED xoxo

Peace out bitches!

Apres Zumba, all the Zumba ladies sat around sipping Cafe du Lait and handing Jazzy wonderful gifts for her 21st whilst gossipping over the latest dance moves, outfit choices for later and of course Jazzy's 21st Birthday!!! Life seems so simple here, so relaxed, but in a sense it isn't reality. In fact the best way I can describe it to you is by referring to The Truman Show, a movie worth watching. I love Monaco, every time I go, it inspires me to work harder so that one day I can afford the lifestyle I desire and that isn't achieved by marrying a rich man... I will make my own success one day, that I am sure of.


Jazzmin and Lisa - They look more like sisters than mother and daughter don't ya think...?

What I Wore:
Sports Bra/ Skort - Both by H&M
Trainers - Nike

Note: H&M have an excellent range of gym wear at ridiculously affordable prices. I am a bit of a knock-off Nigel when it comes to gym clothes, I love a bargain and hate splashing out when I could realistically buy a cute dress for Friday. SO! Check it out...with a range of styles and colours it is personally my favourite. Another great place for gym gear that is CHEAP AS CHIPS is Lillywhites (Piccadilly Circus). If you really want to be a bargain Bill then this is the place. The average price for leggings is £6/£7. Every girl wants to look relatively cute at the never know who you might meet!

Zumba Ladies!!!
Bea {x}

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