Monday, 10 March 2014

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Being a Londoner, you come to realise that nothing comes cheap. The average price of a cocktail in London is around £10-£11 if not more. In many of the nightclubs in Chelsea I find myself spending £22 on a Vodka.Lime.Soda! So what are you paying for? Half the time prices are based on location and exclusivity, other times,'re wasting your money basically. Now whilst many of you may have already had a rendez-vous here and there, I like sharing my favourite places in London. The quirkier the better and well, if your getting an experience alongside the drink then who cares it was all worth it in the end! From speakeasies and secret societies to sipping cocktails high in the sky and far down underground I want to share them all. So keep posted dolls!

As mentioned in my About Me, I am a huge speakeasy fan, I love the allure of being part of one of London's secret societies. The atmosphere is never too much but always enough and well...they tend to serve some of the most creative and deliciously strong cocktails in town. Aside to this, I love any bar that is as high up in the sky as possible, some of my favourite's include the City's Heron Tower (home to Sushi Samba and The Duck and Waffle), Tower 42 as well as Aqua on Argyll Street.

Last night my friend Alex treated me to cocktails in the 'Viewing Gallery' on the 33rd floor of New Oxford Street's CENTRE POINT. The bar itself is called Paramount and if you are thinking of going you must book before. The viewing gallery gives you a breathtaking, 360-degree view of the whole of London. You can sit propped right up against the glass window pane with extremely dim lighting making the sights even more appealing. The atmosphere is very mild, making this a great first-date hotspot! You won't be drowned out by others screaming and shouting with the fabuluxe view being a great conversation saver...if in doubt point it out (no awkward silences here)!

If you have vertigo... take a seat in the downstairs bar and not the Viewing Gallery (or don't look down). The cocktail list is an elaborate take on all my favourite things, including marshmallows! I have had some interesting cocktails in my time, and wasn't sure what to expect but this was AH-MAZING. I have to say, congrats Paramount, because this is one of my favourite cocktails EVER and I will definitely be making a return very soon. Thank You.

Bea {x}

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