Thursday, 26 November 2015

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It has been almost 2 months since I packed my bags and left the bitter cold in London for my adventure and new start in Sunny Israel, and I couldn't be happier. We are almost in December and yet I find myself strolling by the sea in 25 degree heat with a girl who in no time has become like a sister. Life is bliss. However, leaving your home at the tender age of 22 without any of your family and friends wasn't always going to be easy, it is inevitable to encounter a few hiccups along the way. This week I have felt homesick, and at times sad. Not because I want to go home, but because sometimes when things go wrong or when you are alone for too long you yearn for the warm embrace of those you love most and that is understandable. On Tuesday, I found myself in floods of tears after already feeling super-sensitive and a domino-effect of things going wrong. I genuinely lay in my bed reading the beautiful cards and letters given to me by my best friends, cuddling my teddy bear and sobbing, all I wanted to do was see them! How old am I? No but seriously, I still cuddle my teddy-bear at night, I am not prepared to stop now and I am not ashamed to say it.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!!!

The thing is, this is all part of growing up, I have many international friends from near and far, we all travel and move on to new and exciting stages in our lives, but we all remain close and whilst it may be a while till we next see each other, our friendship will never change. I am surrounded constantly by interesting, intelligent, driven and inspiring friends who are forever breaking new boundaries, like me. Here in Israel I am so lucky to live with a group of girls who, already are like family, and when one of us is down, the other will pull you straight back up, that's what friends are for right?

"All the best people are slightly mad"
Street Art in Tel Aviv Port outside as part of a fashion boutique

Today Sally, my roomie from New Jersey is the one feeling homesick, I mean it is thanksgiving and when you are so used to spending Thanksgiving every year with your family, it's tradition and being here breaks tradition. The holiday days can sure prove to be the hardest. Whilst I am a born and bred Brit and regretfully have never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life, we decided to take the day off school...NAUGHTY, get up early, put on our sweats and take a stroll into town. We strolled along the seaside from Ramat Aviv down to the port of Tel Aviv, stopping for squats, lunges and some obligatory yoga poses, given that the backdrop was TOO ADORABLE. Sally as you can see is far more advanced than me, 6 or 7 yoga classes and being a dancer for 16 years meant that my dancer hands crept in rather that the straight fingered pose aimed to allow all energy to flow through the body. Namaste Dolls.

Throwback to when I was a cheerleader LOL

My ATTEMPT...not quite there yet :P

The gorgeous Sally and I walked for 3-4 hours, stopping for coffee and to browse the colourful Israeli market full of local produce and inspiration for my next recipe creation. I honestly wake up pinching myself, I wake up every morning and no day is ever the same, I feel inspired by everything and everyone around me, it's powerful. I feel so blessed to be able to spend my days so beautifully like today, it really was a wonderful day and I haven't even gone out dancing yet, the best is yet to come...


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