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DINE WITH BEA: Orange, Pear, Walnut & Gorgonzola Salad with Fig Vinagarette | No comments:

Make yourself a healthy and SUPER FLAVOURFUL lunch in no more than 8 minutes, come on Dolls...CHOP CHOP!

INGREDIENTS (couldn't do it without 'em):

~ Handful of Lettuce (I used soft lettuce leaves as opposed to the crunchy Romanian lettuce)
~ 1 Red Pear
~ Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
~ Blue Cheese 
(I opted for a creamy one, I can't lie and say I know which because the packet is in Hebrew. I bought it on a whim and it's GREAT. Creamy and strong tasting.)
~ Handful of Walnuts
- Fig Vinaigrette TOTAL LOVE!!!!!!!


Do I have to tell ya? No, I Didn't think so, just make it look FRUITY & FABULOUS! Presentation is key and food made with love is the most delicious, heart-warming kind, don't disappoint my darling dolls..

Yeah, so 7 weeks, no no 7lbs later, oh I mean heavier my clothes are definitely feeling snug, oh SHIT. My love for cooking and mixing together flavours has spiralled out of control, I have never been so inspired by flavours and spices in my life. I have had to take a healthy turn and give the carbs a rest for a few days. MEGA LOLZ. Whilst hummus and falafel are a popular tradition here in the middle-east, I have stretched far beyond the stereotypical flavours that you can imagine here in Israel. Firstly, all the produce here is fresh, the fruit is straight off the, no I mean quite literally, cute, and the vegetables are straight outta the ground here in Israel. In London, the produce is usually imported due to the not-so-tropical climate, not so fresh as you say you are HEY. The markets here are incredible for a foodie like me, a wonderland of colour, freshness and flavour. LOVES IT!

This morning I strolled down by the port in Tel-Aviv, unlike the usual setting of the Shuk Carmel that I usually find myself wandering through week in/week out. I stumbled across a local produce stand sampling an array of fruity vinaigrette's open for testing. WOW. These are mind blowing, from Strawberry, to Fig, to Mango...I GOTTA GET EM. I bought the fig and mango, and for sure will be going back for more. The taste is delightfully pleasing the the taste buds and complements fruity salads and creamy blue cheeses. I could tell this from the moment I placed the sample in my mouth. Fruit and salad go impeccably well FYI. The recipe creation that I grace you with here is a perfect healthy treat, full of complex flavours, textures and colours. Great for a summer dinner party or just as a quick lunch, it is quick, easy and so damn DELICIOUS! Strawberries go exceptionally well with basil and balsamic vinaigrette, or balsamic reduction/syrup. Be creative, I can guarantee you it won't fail. 


~ The addition/garnishing of nuts (walnuts being my fave in salads) come with many health benefits such as added dietary fibres, a wide range of essential nutrients including several B group vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as calcium. 

~ Citrus fruits, they're not just zesty, juicy goodness, they contain VITAMIN C...which apparently helps you see better! They lower the risk of strokes, help fight weight gain, cancer and supposedly lowers stress

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are FULL OF FIBRE, I don't need to say the got it.

- Berries. Small but POWERFUL. Full of antioxidants, they help your body fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals that cause illness.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of heart disease, but too much fruit isn't too good as remember they are full of natural sugars. 

Enjoy preparing your summery salads dolls, and if you are in cold countries, bring some sunshine to your lunchtimes with these summery salad ideas. 


Bea {X} 


(If any of you try my recipe's, I would LOVE to hear your feedback) :)

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