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"I'm gluten intolerant!", "No Way! Me too!" I often find myself having the same conversation again and again... like a broken record. Why? Because literally everyone in this modern day society is intolerant to either wheat, gluten or dairy or in my case ALL THREE. Recently, I took myself to the doctor to be tested for Coeliacs Disease, except the results came back negative showing I have Non-Coealiac Gluten sensitivity and what a bloody nuisance it is indeed! The funny thing is, many people think it's all nonsense and that gluten sensitivity and intolerance's don't exist...others may just be like 'you just have IBS' but arguably, I don't host those side effects such as irritable bowel problems so I beg to differ. Plus, for me, food elimination has literally changed my life for the better so laterz haterzzz!

Healthy Brunching

The Dreaded Side Effects:

- Severe bloating - YES I look pregnant, honestly SO cute when you're in a bikini on the beach. As someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, I can't help but laugh about it and whilst it is quite funny, it can make me feel self conscious and it's uncomfortable when you're clothes are digging into you...especially tights! Dolls, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

- Drowsiness - ZZZzzzzZZZZzzz! After indulging in bread or pasta, I find it extremely hard to keep my eyes open. When you're at work this is not ideal - NO it is not because I was out gallivanting last night, it's usually because I couldn't resist the toast at breakfast or ate that damn pasta! 
Cuddles with Princess always make me feel better PS. My hand, dare I call it that, looks like a pigs trotter. Oh dear..

- Stomach cramps - So lets be honest we all get them and they're not fun, so when you're getting them ALL the time its frustrating.

The cure? THERE ISN'T ONE! GREAT. So, I have taken it upon myself over the last year to completely change my diet using food elimination;  and can I just say OH MY it actually is life-changing! So for any of my fellow dolls suffering with similar side effects GET INVOLVED!

Flora Tea - I picked this little gem up at the Ideal Home Show - For all you green tea lovers out there TOTAL LOVE!

Firstly, I started by eliminating bread and pasta completely. Bread and Pasta are the bulk of many meals, and some delicious ones at that but I have remained strong. I then went to cut out most carbs and minimised my dairy intake. Here is a list of foods that I have eliminated from my diet:

- Bread
- Pasta
- Cereal
- Potato (I now eat sweet potato instead)
- Milk (I allow myself one skinny (skimmed milk) latte a day and drink black coffee otherwise, due to not eating cereal there's no need for milk, however this doesn't effect me a substantial amount due to my consumption being minimal)
- Cheese (I do eat cheese but only rarely, or when I am treating myself e.g pizza)
- Foods containing wheat

Last nights dinner - Blog post to follow

You can't go wrong with these... TOO GOOD

This is one of my favourite experimental dishes using my Spiralizer - I will upload the recipe for you dolls NOM NOM NOM

COURGETTI/ZOODLES are the best substitution for Pasta! Created using a Spiralizer - pop in salty boiling water and simmer for 1 minute

Being only human, I sometimes can't resist and will treat myself to lets say a Pizza (especially on those putrid hangovers). However, on the bright side, due to the rise of intolerance's in the UK, most Pizza restaurants such as Pizza Express now offer Gluten Free bases. BOOM! In the case that there is no Gluten Free option, I just have to pay the price for indulgence but I can live with that. My colleague at work often has a go at me if I even dare try...I always thank her later as for the times that I don't, I find myself in that awful state of what feels like - sleep deprivation.

OK so... meet my weakness. ZIZZI's Rustica Piccante Pizza, this gigantic slate of devilishness doesn't come with a Gluten Free base.. UH OH!

Why is this relevant you ask?

In conclusion my Darling Dolls, I have decided to start blogging about my experiments with food and cooking adventures since going Gluten Free, with the hope of inspiring others with similar problems to my own. I haven't only lost a stone and a half, I am now benefiting from increased energy levels, EVEN happier moods and most importantly the side effects have stopped. OH YAR. I have never felt this positive and I have this new-found love for cooking, I am forever inviting friends over to try my new recipes and I don't even miss those nasty carbs that caused me so much bother. I have dropped almost 2 dress sizes through eating healthy and exercising. Those who know me are probably thinking that I couldn't love life even more than I already do now...well guess bloody what... I DO! Loves it!

Kick Boxing is my new favourite sport (Bitches take yourselves to Bitchboxing at GYMBOX). SO take THAT gluten. BOSH!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and I would love to hear from YOU! If you have similar problems get in touch and please feel free to share any recipes that you may have!! Ready. Steady. Cook. (...okay so that totally just sprung to mind as a sort of pun but I am now definitely going to plan a Ready.Steady.Cook night! TOTAL LOVE!)


Bea {x}

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