Tuesday, 9 June 2015

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June, its JUNE! So it is officially summer and there was no better way to kick of this years summer antics than an outing to Polo in the Park... oh darling! Obviously I left finding an outfit till the last minute and well what happened? Full-blown FASHION ANXIETY is what happened. This is a genuine thing, literals. After spending 4 hours walking up and down Oxford Street, in and out of changing rooms up and down those awkward escalators in Topshop with time just tick tick bloody ticking! I was failing. First came Zara, the undignifyingly skinny model shone at me from outside, wearing this gorgeous pink blossom dress...BAM! GOTCHA...an outfit just like that. If only it was that easy... Because oh no, I looked like one of those Japanese pink dolphins, in other words, a beached whale. After frantically trying on what felt like a million and one two things, I know HELLO drama queen - I found...well...nothing.

Pros: I drank some PINK coconut water, yes there are apparently pink coconuts (or i am just...nuts)
Cons: The list is endless.

OK so after being an absolute, god-forsaken drama queen I woke up super early and successfully pieced together my outfit. With the sun shining and making more than a rare sojourn, it would only be polite to save the black till ce soir and lavish it up with blush pinks and Hollywood whites. Blush pink is definitely a key colour this season. The blossom trees might be dying y'all but this colour is growing on me more and more each day!

P.S I love these shoes...

These beauties are in Topshop this season, available in Blush pink, White and Black

So the outfit: FYI. I have 4 suitcases filled with clothes exempt from my wardrobe which I have been told need to be sorted. WHY? Because I have too many clothes.. some dating back to 2007 maybe even the 90s...I kid you not. WELL HELLO...I am a complete and utter clothes hoarder? DON'T MAKE ME DO IT. Guess what.. that dress I am wearing, I have had it since I was 16 maybe even longer and it was in one of the 4 cases! I know this because I wore it that time my father (without agreement) put me forward to sing with the live band on the biggest cruise ship of the world...

"aaaaaand now we have Bianca Caplan, all the way from London singing My Heart Will Go On!" ummmmm.....yeah so that totally happened. The video still haunts me today. I sang at the very front of the ship in front of a good 200 people...more over Celine Dion.

I pieced this Lipsy white tea dress with a baby pink Zara blazer which I accentuated by adding one of my Chanel pins. Oh you thought my jacket was Chanel? Whilst it unfortunately isn't, this jacket portrays a supple fabric with a sophisticated quality which in turn could trick anyone into thinking it was Chanel and when you add a pin well... How's that for Designer vs. Highstreet.

I dug up one of my flower crowns (not literally...the roses are fake) and Voila! I had managed to put together a look, with my favourite colour of the season and not spend ANY money! The day itself? It was TOO much fun. Seeing as it was PIMMS O'CLOCK, we all enjoyed a 'Personal Pimms' at all times. AKA too much Pimms to handle, who needs a cup when you can have a jug..........EACH #goals

What I Wore:
White Tea dress - Lipsy
Pink Blazer - Zara
Brooch - Chanel
Shoes - Balenciaga
Handbag - Chanel Boy Bag (TOTAL LOVE)
Flower Crown - Ebay
Sunglasses - Louis Vuitton

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