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The Beauty From Within |

Darling dolls, I want you to ask yourself these 3 simple questions, think about them long and hard...

How would you describe being beautiful? 

Is your idea of beautiful different to who you are?

Do you believe you are beautiful?

The answer to these questions will undoubtedly vary depending on each person and their own opinion of themselves, but one thing should remain the same. YOU are beautiful, no matter how flawed you think you are, everyone is their own kind of beautiful. Some may feel more flawed on the outside, and more beautiful on the inside and visa versa, except it doesn't matter because beauty really does come from within. YES, YOU! Umm..yeah I am talking to you and guess what? Each and every one of you is beautiful, your idea of beautiful should be everything you are. 

Central Tel-Aviv 

I ask you to ask yourselves these questions because I have asked myself. Let me tell you, my answer now is far different to what it would have been a year ago, before I truly discovered Israel... Before, my idea of beautiful was a girl who obviously, wasn't me. I wanted to look flawless without make up, I got frustrated by my reddish complexion thanks to my fiery red hair, but more pressingly, I was constantly battling with the idea slash need to be skinny, I would say I didn't, but I really did. At one point I was working out for 2 hours a day, sometimes before and after work in London. In fact if I missed a session or didn't go, I would find myself ridden with anxiety. In times where I forgot my gym bag, I would quite simply buy a whole new outfit so that I could attend my class. The pressure to be and look a certain way is definitely present in a city so elite as London. Now whilst some may not want to admit it, I certainly will. Many of the boys are shallow, being a red head with curves, a dreamer veering on slightly mad (in the best way of course), extremely weird (and wonderful), and pretty much in love with everything that life has to offer, I simply found that most of them just wanted to be my good old friend. CUTE. I often asked myself why I was never good enough? I felt that I just wasn't pretty enough for many reasons and well all my friends are good looking and pretty damn stylish. This resulted in me constantly feeling the pressure to have more make up on, lose weight and be more beautiful. Then I moved to Israel...

BREAK YOUR #SELFIE - At GYMBOX in Covent Garden, London before making Aliyah

Since I have moved to Israel, I have realised that YES, I AM BEAUTIFUL. In fact, yes I am flawed in many ways! Some mornings, I wake up with a dreaded spot, maybe two or even 3, yes I still CANT DEAL but there really is no significance in them at all. The sunshine and salt from the sea keeps your skin fresh anyway, we are only human and hormones are a biatch. Yes, I can't resist my favourite chocolate (Kinder) and now and again I somehow (without realising...) eat the WHOLE box in one day. Did I sleep walk? Not forgetting the WHOLE jar of Nutella which I actually threw away 4 days after purchasing it - oh don't worry there was no more than 3 or four spoonfuls left in the tub. Yeah, about that, I am gluten intolerant so forget the bread, I was digging it out with a spoon like a JCB wonder I woke up with spots! I was never destined to be skinny and I get that now, I embrace my curves and work on toning my body as opposed to being 'skinny'. I am pale as fuck...they don't say I am like a doll for nothing, porcelain skin in the middle east. Honestly, I don't stand out AT ALL... Yet overall, I put on my bikini and I feel comfortable, I attend class with a touch of concealer, a swish of mascara and nothing more than my daily moisturiser on my face, far less than what I was painting on my face in London. I still bring my own sass and style with my dressing each day, of course, it's me! That part of me will never change, dressing is what I love and fashion is my passion (JK, how dare is use that, no, but seriously it totally is). People are generally more sociable here and you definitely feel like you live in a community, as people are more inclined to talk to you, get to know you, want to get to know you! 

Yes, I am supposed to be Gluten Intollerant. YOLO

Dressing is a form of art... I might not be in London anymore, but I can still be sassy OBV.
The lift outfit's becoming a thing #OOTD
That pout though - it's gotta go :P
The saying that Israeli's are rude makes me laugh, because trust me, some of them are! I mean, only the other day I found myself so frustrated in the back of a taxi, in a town FAR smaller than London, how could a taxi not understand how to get to a big street in outer Tel Aviv, I mean in London the black cab drivers know every street, nook and cranny on the map! Oh what was I saying? Yes, he was damn RUDE!

No but seriously... KATAN!!!
People are in no rush here, especially at the bank, and yes it can cause frustration at times, given I have come from a city where everything is done VERY quickly (sometimes at a cost) and let me say it isn't perfect, nowhere is! Oh and it doesn't stop there, describing that things are often 'backwards' here, certainly springs to mind. London is SO advanced as a City, There are things that come as a complete culture shock to me. The laid back lifestyle however, is not to be judged upon badly, if anything, enjoyed. This comes from someone who has been commuting to and from London every day for the past 5 years on unreliable trains, overcrowded tubes, experiencing unidentifiable and incomprehensible (woah big word alert) smells and people, trekking 100 yards in freezing cold weather and feeling miserable. OK HOLD UP! Here is the difference. In London, I was lazy, I had the tube at my fingertips and in the rain, why would you walk when you can book an Uber on your iPhone or hop on the tube? Here, in Israel, I walk EVERYWHERE! With the exception of taking buses at night time, either because I am eager to drink that cocktail or for safety reasons (no need to elaborate on a negative in such a positive post). The sun shines for most of the year, that is an automatic reason to smile more, you can be here and be proud to be Jewish, its a test to yourself, a path to finding yourself and the place to be yourself.

OH! Naughty...

Meet Rachelle, she is an absoulute diamond. We met in London at the Ambassador of Israel's house prior to making Aliyah.
We have been great friends ever since and moved out at similar times. Being half-israeli, speaking fluent Hebrew and being an absolute hoot, Rachelle has helped me settle in an incredible amount and we have become best buds since the move. Kisses to you. Toda Raba xoxo 

Studying Hebrew at a local cafe with an Iced Coffee and my darling dolls xo

PARIS! This is my friend Antoni, he made Aliyah from Paris...
I like to test out my 'school girl' french although It is less than impressive!
I sort of regret messing around in all those french lessons... OOOPS!! 

I have made friends from all over the world, this is Jackie from Istanbul, Turkey, he is too funny and a great friend.
Everyone loves Jackie boy!

Can someone please appreciate the enormity of the mosquito bite on my leg...not OK! LOL!

My slippers though...TOTAL LOVE!

I love the lifestyle here undeniably so. I am starting to settle in, gauge on the differences in culture and adapt quickly. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have been in an extremely long time. Yes, it has been hard, I mean my accommodation is beyond basic but I will save this for another rainy day - given the wannabe cyclone we experienced today, I will save this for tomorrow. there are cats everywhere, they just chill, it is HILARIOUS. I went to chat to the couple at this bar only to be attacked by this little kitty cat MEOW! Looks like she's protective of this gent...hehe!! 
This little kitty just jumped right on up onto katie's lap...PURRRR

Be your own kind of beautiful, and be who you want to be, where you want to be with who you want to be...

So happy that I am painting my life in colours that don't even exist - I just made that up - does that work?
Who cares!


Bea {x}

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