Sunday, 14 February 2016

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So many things to do, decisions to make, my life feels as though it is revolving around spreadsheets and lists thanks to my extremely organised and fabulous roomate, Sally. With this girl in your life, I feel nothing can go wrong, while I am a dreamer and a wanderer, she knows her way around like a navigation tool and with this being her 5th apartment - she's experienced! I refer to life as a whirlwind right now as everything in my life feels so positive but I am being pulled in a million directions like shooting stars. I feel a mixture of emotions for reasons relating to all the wonderful way life in Israel is evolving for me.

I T ' S. H A P P E N I N G.

...and so it is time to leave Brodetsky! Ulpan has been great, I have met friends here that I will have for life, I feel so lucky to have such great people surrounding me, because when your all alone and far away from home, your friends become your family. Finding an apartment has been up and down, there are always going to be push and pull factors when it comes to a life decision as BIG as this. Location, price, size and vibe. Vibe? Yes, I am one of those crazy people who feels a feeling in a home, hence why I want our apartment, no matter how crazy or different it may be, to just reflect how we feel at this moment in our lives where we are painting our lives in colour. Our apartment is located bang in the centre and so this is when we will really discover the city on our doorstep. I just love this city, it is full of nooks, cranny's and hidden treasures...the nightlife takes you away and well it's never-ending, it never sleeps. You can quite literally dance all night, which I do, of course. No changes there. With so much going on I find that when Thirsty Thursday comes a knockin...every single stress in my body is released and I wake up smiling like what a GREAT NIGHT. Because in the midst of all the craziness and struggles you realise that there is no reason to be bored in a life as beautiful as the one we are living. So yeah if you didn't get it already...IM LOVING LIFE. LITERALLY.

So here's to the many great memories to be made not only in Tel Aviv but in our new home, I can't wait to live them and most importantly share them with all my favourite people, because an experience is better shared with the ones you love!

PS. Huge Roof Terrace = P A R T Y. T I M E
(get on your dancing shoes)

A L M O S T. T H E R E.

In the midst of the whirlwind I find myself spinning round and round in day after day, we are almost moved in to our new apartment. Apart from the fact that both my bed and my new memory foam mattress (comfy AF) are still yet to be delivered...So Brodetsky remains our home for the next few days. Oh and we have still a lot to buy, to furnish a whole apartment is a job that will blossom over time as Sally and I paint the place with our personalities, I mean this is my first apartment, I want it to be memorable, and so my design ideas come to be a little out there. A bit outside the box to say the least. Sally's response to my indecisive questions "This is YOUR 1st apartment, do what makes you happy and style it however you like"  ER HOLD UP! Is this girl for real? Yes, YES she is. Please bear in mind that knowing me comes with knowing I am a little eccentric and like to think outside the box, because life is too short and I love life!

But remember...I am ginger...I have no soul... 

Bedroom GOALS

B R I G H T. C O L O U R S

The design. Considering I have grown up with crystal-mirrored glass and neautrals with a splash of pink where needed, my mother has always been great at interior design, but I don't live at home anymore, and I am 22 years old, i'm young and i'm having the time of my life in this beautiful country which I call home. I fall asleep smiling and wake up smiling, and I feel stronger than ever. I can't tell you what a beautiful feeling it is, at this moment in time I don't see myself leaving. I am living my life in colour. So here I am with a bright pink sofa and bright coloured cushions. Y O L O. It looks Fuqin Fabulous! For those gasping with horror, gasp on, because I am throwing colours where they will shine, and if it were to fail, which undoubtedly they won't, you will just walk in and feel my motto: G O O D. V I B E S. O N L Y. G V O XO.

T H E. R O O M A T E

Ok, big shoutout to Sally Bregman, because lets be honest she is so great. Amongst the amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting here in Irael, Sally has become like family to me. It feels weird if we have barely spoken, it began with me calling here everyday for a daily catch up due to our crazy busy schedules right now, I think at first little Sal was a bit like, "hi....." now it is part of our day, we do everything together and tonight we find ourselves alone on Valentine's so it's a BFF night with wine and great food. TREAT YO SELF!

So Sally if your reading this, you already know, yeah knows she is stuck with me for life! SO Lhaim!!!! CHEERS TO NEW BEGININGS and here is to the next chapter in our lives which, I know will be an unforgettable year! One I will cherish for ever...see you tonight my darling doll to raise a glass to discovering more about ourselves, life and this beautiful city, because lets be honest Tel Aviv Stole Our Hearts!

I have absolutely no idea why my forehead is so shiny... #nomakeupselfie

To be continued...




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