Friday, 4 July 2014

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Whilst I can't stroll into work wearing leggings and the latest tee (not that I would ever want to..I don't know if you have noticed but I DON'T do ever) I still love getting all dressed up for work. Another plus is that I am not forced to 1) wear a corporate suit and 2) wear the same damn suit every single bloody day. Being a receptionist, this can sometimes be asked of you.

Dressing for work, I like to express my classic and signature, sartorial style, so the skirt, shirt and bow combo is always a winner - usually worn on Friday's or more often than not, 'Thirsty Thursday's'. Today, I have gone for my signature dress and collar look. If you haven't met me, or are new to The Sartorial Doll - I LOVE ANYTHING WITH A COLLAR, and no matter what, I will still try and shove a shirt slash collar under any dress, cardigan or jumper (I'm verging on obsessed...and yes mother, I can breathe...why wouldn't I be able to?)

This classic, black shift dress is one of my favourite bargain buys; anything bought from Primark in my opinion is...a bargain buy. For a mere £13 I have worn it probably over 100 times over the past 3 years and hell yeah it's still in perfect condition. With the addition of my (American Apparel) cropped shirt and dainty Chanel necklace this look is non-chalant and understated, a look fit for both work and apres-work playtime! Need a splash of colour? Add a silk scarf, my fave's come from the likes of Louis Vuitton and (OBV) Hermes.

TIP: Black shift dresses are beyond versatile, try pairing these with a long or short shirt worn underneath, or alternatively try adding a detachable collar.
Add a cropped jumper, cashmere cardi, fitted jacket, or your boyfriend blazer and you will find that this look can be re-invented a million times over.
In addition to this, try frilly socks and wedges for that/spring summer look, or tights and trucker boots in the winter! EVERY GIRL NEEDS A CLASSIC, BLACK SHIFT DRESS.

Due to the bipolar weather that we ALL love to hate in London, I opted for a black cashmere cardi from none other than my grandmother's fave - M&S (btw their cashmere is affordable and so comfy, as taught by my wonderful grandmother). As for the shoes, my fellow doll at work gave me these as a brand, spanking new hand-me-down due to them being too small. Thanks Doll! They were £25 from New Look and are honestly some of the most comfortable shoes I own.

Whats with the flowers? Give a girl a bouquet and she's sure to run off with it...okay maybe that's just me! If someones not going to give them to me...I'll give them to myself.

Bea Wears:
Black Shift Dress - Primark
White Cropped Shirt - American Apparel
Cashmere Cardi - M&S
Peep-Toe, Studded Heels - New Look
Necklace - Chanel
Silk Scarf - Louis Vuitton

Bea {x}

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