Wednesday, 7 January 2015

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So I suppose I should kick off by wishing all my darling dolls

Seeing as I spent my New Year's in France, it is no surprise that strike midnight, this was the phrase heard echoing over the french alps, but in other words HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that 2015 brings you love, happiness, good GREAT health, prosperity and all that you wished for and more.

New year's resolutions??? Well.... I'm not doing dry January because.. 1) I don't need to and 2) I don't want to NOT drink any vino rouge, nor am I eliminating chocolate from my diet (as in NO FRIGGIN why would you do that to yourself). So my new year's resolution is to concentrate on The Sartorial Doll by blogging as much as I can as opposed to writing sporadic posts now and again and being happy. I have SUCH a good feeling about 2015 and I feel that this is the year a lot will change in my life and I am determined to make my dreams become a reality. I find the journey we take in life SO exciting...these younger years are like the piecing of  a puzzle! IT IS THE BEST BIT!

I thought I would do a motivational post to kick-start 2015! I am forever getting lost in the world of Pinterest, gazing over quote after quote after quote (positive ones of course) because they make you think, I love thinking....always thinking and dreaming, now it's time to step up and make those dreams become a reality.

I hope 2015 is the year you all achieve your dreams...enjoy my darling dolls and love the life you live, we only get one so ya better make it amazing!

OH...and a lot...fall in love and be crazy and weird and don't worry about what people think of you..haterz are always gonna hate, that's life (they're the ones missing out)...and love yourself, be yourself.

Here are some of my favourite quotes to inspire you...


Bea {x}

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