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As you all know I don't blog too often, and have been blogging for a few years now as a hobby because of my love for writing and fashion amongst some other of my interests such as my charity work and my day to day adventures and travels. My new year's resolution is to blog much more frequently as opposed to sporadic posts! The thing is I have about 20 drafted posts in my drafts section, which just sit there unread. Bizarre I know! Why don't I just post them? Here is one...late, VERY LATE I know but I thought to kick off the new year why not reflect and ...why not post it!  


Remember, remember the 5th of November... The night where people from around the world gather excitably shivering in their boots, clutching onto hot chocolates and swinging sparklers around whimsically in the air, gazing as fireworks rocket into the air concluding with a ginormous bang followed by shimmering sparkles and dazzling lights; I was unfortunately stuck at the hospital. SAY WHAAAAT? Nothing exciting, other than the fact I am having 5 teeth extracted...oh cute. I was sat awaiting my consultation with my surgeon, in regards to my wisdom teeth removal, an evening full of monotone x-rays and back and forth discussions. Not what you want to be doing on Bonfire Night.


My work colleague, friend and fellow eccentric, Helen, decided to throw a 'Fright Fire with Fajitas' night. To my amusement this was a mixture of a belated Halloween and fireworks night with well....fajitas. Ahhmazing. So...I sort of lost the memo in regards to fact being an absolute div I thought it was 'fight fire', yes it doesn't really make sense, but to be honest Helen doesn't always make sense so in reality I was like AH HELEN! So I went as....myself. Honestly though AREN'T I DARING?

....with the addition of my Miley buns...of course

Malificent & Aurora
My fave is the weird one in the middle... he is weird... I like weird

Aside to shotting apple sours, devouring fajita after fajita and picking at some devilishly delicious nachos, we all sashayed into the garden for some exciting fireworks and sparklers. I dare to say we had 'lift off'... the first firework went no higher than to clear the roof of the house and didn't actually do anything other than shoot off the ground. In fact it would be kind to say it went higher than the roof of the we all giggled at the hilarity the biggest anti-climax EVER, we then went on to set off the eagerly anticipated Catherine wheel. Ermm....about that...after nailing it to the fence using someones rather useless shoe, a pathetic excuse for a hammer, we all waited in anticipation. Helen was concerned about the close proximity of her newly planted shrubbery, except there really was no need due to it turning 2, maybe 3 times...stopping, starting, stopping, slowing....STOPPED! WORST CATHERINE WHEEL EVER. In hindsight, I genuinely think we enjoyed these fireworks far more than lets say an actual sky dazzler. As Charlie Chaplin once said: "A day without laughter, is a day wasted" and OH how we laughed!

Life that Sparkles

Sparklers Y'allllll

What I Wore (not that you can really see...):
Collared Blouse - Zara
Black Shift Dress - Primark
Black Cardigan - Michael Kors
Fur Gilet - Ebay

Bea {x}

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