Friday, 23 January 2015

Date Night |

Oh the joys of being hideously single in the lead up to Valentine's Day... I joke (slash literally dying inside). With my darling doll Darcey heading back to UNAAAAY tomorrow we decided to have one of our classic date nights...ours are pretty great I am not going to lie; usually because they are swarming with delicious and sometimes devilish food which we honestly inhale at every opportunity. That moment when we realised we had demolished 3 whole cheeses between we can't have...might as well have eaten a cow.

The Rules of Date Night:
1) Your House? You Cook
2) Not Your House? Bring 2 bottles of Vino Rouge or Prosecco (1 each OBV)...make it 3
3) You are not allowed to complain about general calorie intake or make any negative comments towards the food... it will be offended
4) There MUST be chocolate

Move over Nigella Lawson.. whilst we honestly think we are Michelin star chef's, last night's meal was scrumptious beyond belief. I was in charge of making my flavour fusion salad which I currently cannot get enough of (recipe below), whilst Darcey prepared her classic garlic chicken. NOM NOM NOM.

In addition to our homemade meal, made with love, we had carrots and pepper dipped in homous and Tabasco (favourite snack ALERT). For all you Nandos lovers out there, the sauce they put in their homous...Tabasco is a better alternative. We then had a cheeseboard for Desert with Brie, Port Salut and Camembert, grapes and crackers. We are crackers. We washed it all down with 3 and a half bottles of Vino Rouge... #dryjan

Bea's Flavour Fusion Salad
(literally makes your taste buds go cray)

- Handful of Flat leaf Parsley
- Handful of Basil
- Sweet Red Jalapeno Peppers (You can find these in Waitrose in a jar by fajitas)
- Rocket leaves
- Spinach leaves
- 2 Tomato's
- 1/4 Cucumber
- 5 rashers of Streaky Bacon
- Shavings of Parmesan
- Basil Oil
- Salt 'n' Pepper

Make it happen:
1) Break up the basil and parsley in your hand and throw in a bowl along with the rocket and the spinach
2) Slice the tomato's into segments and slice the cucumber 4 ways into triangles and throw them in
3) Fry the bacon - no oil needed - until VERY crispy - place on kitchen towel to soak up excess fat and break into pieces and throw it in the bowl
4) Drizzle with basil oil (this is delicious with salads) and toss the salad
5) Finally, garnish with Jalapenos to add spice, sprinkle with the glitter which is Parmesan and season with salt and pepper!

Prepare for an explosion of flavour and texture in a matter of minutes.
Loves it!

YAAAAAWWWNNN. Kisses from Princess {x}

Bea {x}
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